Forensic Analysis of Semen using UV-Vis Spectroscopy


What is semen? It is one of body fluids which also known as seminal fluid that basically produced in male reproductive system. Semen is a jelly-like liquid which contains proteins and sugars, carries numerous amount of sperms or spermatozoa which generally appears in greyish-white bodily fluid. Semen contains DNA which vital in investigating sexual violence or rape.

Studies have shown that every 35 minutes woman has become a victim of raped cases in Malaysia, 107 seconds in United States and more worst in other countries such as India and Afghanistan. Three years ago, in December 16 of 2012, people shocked regarding most terrifying rape incident occurred in Delhi. An Indian student was violently raped by 6 men in a moving bus and died two weeks after the incident because of fatal internal injuries. It happened around 20:30 in which the woman of age 23 with a male friend boarded a bus after watching a movie in cinema.

Her male friend was beaten and tortured by those sadist men which then took turns not only to rape the woman but assaulted her. They are being thrown out of the bus 30 minutes later with unstable condition then admitted to the nearest hospital. This case was closed in 2014. All the men being arrested were found guilty. Four adults were sentenced to death, a juvenile defendant was given the maximum sentence of three years and another accused was died mysteriously in the jail during the trial. Thus obviously, rape cases that happen in nowhere has things to do with forensic analysis in justifying semen as important evidence of investigation.

When intercourse happens, semen can be found on the vaginal wall of the victim for a period of time. Besides, it can be found on clothing especially undergarments, bedding or some other areas. Yes semen can be observed through its colour by our naked eye yet not to confirm it. Therefore, there are several confirmatory tests to identify or analysis semen. UV-Vis Spectroscopy is responsible to detect the stains no matter in the darkness or daylight. Semen can be detected on different types of fabrics and colours. The semen will be differentiated from other fluids which visualized in blue light. When dealing with UV-Vis Spectroscopy, it shows the wavelength of range 320 to 700 nm and able to detect semen being stored in 3 to 5 weeks.

One of the most usual encountered body fluids during crime scenes is semen in which contains genetic materials. The analysis of semen need to run in order to solve the crime cases as long deliver correct evidence to the court. It is also vital in allowing the forensics to confirm and identify the absence of semen during the investigations.

As the point of view, this analysis by using UV-Vis Spectroscopy shows how educated the forensics are since they have ability to translate the art of Information Technology into Science. In the future, crime cases specially the raped cases or sexual assaults by people may be varied at times. The newly proposed presumptive method for semen stains has finally been invented called Lumatec Superlight 400 which works better. This analysis is important for forensic to analyse the actual data during investigations.

UV- Vis Spectroscopy is really helped in investigating crime cases. UV-Vis Spectroscopy uses light of visible ranges to detect certain fluids either by absorption or reflection of lights. Other bodily fluids such as saliva, sweats and urine can also be detected using this method. As conclusion, semen is really suitable run this method for an analysis of it absence confirmation.